Can I Be Held Responsible for Letting My Friend Drive Drunk?

Combating Against Driving while intoxicatedFor many years, the number of intoxicated driving mishaps continued to decline. There was a shift in 2015, bringing those numbers up to levels where they had actually not been for years.


Advocacy groups such as Mothers Against Dui continue to warn the general public about the threats of drinking and driving and to take strides to hold parties responsible for dedicating and excusing this behavior. A trend at the time of publication is for courts to permit more individuals to be called to account on a criminal and civil level for allowing intoxicated chauffeurs on the road.

Civil Liability

In addition to any criminal obligation, an individual may also be held civilly responsible by allowing a person to drive drunk. This is specifically real in cases including wrongful death, which takes place when someone’s deliberate acts or neglect causes the death that would not have happened without such conduct. Such cases may fall under among the following structures:.

Negligent Entrustment

This legal theory is based on finding neglect by delegating a hazardous instrumentality to somebody when that individual understood or must have understood that it was dangerous to do so. In this context, such an argument would state that the harmful instrument was a vehicle.